Monday, November 23, 2009

My Scrap Book

My name is Nadiah. I will be six years old in December. This is my scrap book. I made it at Kidz Cabin.

These are my palm prints.

These are my footprints.

This is my house, my bicycle and my daddy's car. I live in Ampang.

This is my family. My Mama, my Papa, Naiemah and me. My Mama is watching me fly my kite at the park in Kepong. Many people fly their kites there.

I did lacing work at school.

This is my wau I made at school. It has many colors.

During my trip to the Zoo Negara, I saw giraffes, elephants, lions and lots of birds. The giraffes were tall.

This is the life of a frog. First, the mother frog lays a group of tiny eggs. Jellylike slime protects them.

Then a wiggly tadpole hatches. It breathes underwater like a fish. It has a tail and no legs.

How does a tadpole change as it gets big? Its tail gets shorter and it grows four legs.

A grown-up frog breathes through lungs. It has no tail. But it does have strong legs for hopping!

This is a sakura tree.

This is a tree in KLCC Park. It is big and shady.

This is "The Story of a seed". I am a little seed. I need soil, sun, water and air to grow. I was planted in a flower pot. The flower pot is outside the house so that I can get some sun light and air to help me grow. Everyday, I also get watered so that I can grow. When I have grown enough, I turn into a tulip flower.

This is the seed I planted in a pot outside my house.

This is 'Namaste' during "International Week". I had fun. I was figuring the 100-piece puzzle in my jubah on Middle-Eastern Day.

I presented "My Kite" on "Literary Morning" and had a feel in Uncle Mukhriz's Maeseratti on Occupation Day.

This is a picture of the Malaysian Flag. My father puts the flag outside our house on Merdeka Day.

This is our national flower.

I sing, dance and act with my friends.

This is an aeroplane flying in the sky.

Recently we went to the fire department in Cheras. We saw a fire truck.

We were listening to instructions from Uncle Sam.

This is an origami sports car.

We went on the escalator at Jelatek Station, to go on the LRT ride to KLCC Post Office. We also took picture at the control room in Jelatek Station during my LRT ride trip.

I love my friends. I love to play, learn, read, draw with my friends and I love to go outside with my friends. My friends are Nabil, Hakimi, Rifhan, Iman, Aleena, Trisya and we are in Purple Cabin.